Full fibre broadband in Wales

Fibre to your door, no matter where you are!
Futureproof your home or business with our ultra-fast and reliable fibre broadband

What is fibre?

Fibre optic cable is made of glass or plastic and can carry more data, making it faster than copper-based services such as FTTC which has lower bandwidths and limited capacity.

Full fibre broadband, or Fibre to the Premises, uses a fibre connection from the exchange to the premises.

The fibre cable carries light which does not slow down over short distance (up to 20km), so you can receive 1Gbs speed.

Why fibre?

Fibre is purpose built for the internet and doesn't drop speed like copper, enjoy consistent speeds up to 1Gbps, that's up to 25 times more than standard broadband.

Faster speed means less buffering, you can comfortably watch your favourite streaming platform and enjoy up to 8k streaming qualilty.

With a direct connection to your property, there are less chinks in the chain, making our full fibre more reliable than ever.

Fibre to your door

Full fibre broadband, wherever you are!

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"Been with the company for approximately 6 months. Very satisfied with both the service and provider of our broadband. Pricing is very competitive and quality of Internet connection is very good. Would recommend this company to family and friends."
Linda C
"What an amazing and clear cut experience with Cambrian. From the survey to set up without a hitch.
I would truly recommend these guys 100%."
Phil O
"Fantastic service carried out by skilful engineers who were very helpful and professional. Any questions were answered by a very knowledgeable team. Overall couldn’t recommend enough. Thank you."
Lorraine E
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