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What is wireless?

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) is a type of broadband internet service that uses wireless communication technology to provide high-speed internet connectivity to fixed locations, such as homes or businesses.

Unlike traditional wired connections like fiber or DSL, FWA relies on wireless signals to establish a connection between the service provider and the customer's premises.
Here's how fixed wireless access typically works:
Base Station: The internet service provider (ISP) sets up a base station, which is equipped with wireless transmitters and receivers. The base station is typically located in an area with good coverage and line-of-sight to the customer premises.
Wireless Transmission: The base station sends wireless signals, usually in the form of radio waves, to communicate with the customer's equipment. These signals travel through the air and are capable of covering varying distances, depending on the frequency and power of the transmission.Customer Equipment: The customer requires specific equipment, such as an antenna or receiver, to receive the wireless signals from the base station. The equipment is usually installed on the roof or an elevated location to ensure a clear line-of-sight with the base station.
Internet Connectivity: The wireless signals received by the customer's equipment are converted into data packets, allowing the customer to access the internet. The data packets are transmitted back and forth between the customer premises and the base station, establishing the internet connection.

A wireless network utilises licenced and unlincenced dedicated frequecnies to create public and private networks.

Why wireless?

Broad Coverage
FWA can provide internet access to areas where wired infrastructure is challenging or expensive to deploy, such as rural or remote regions. It can bridge the digital divide by bringing broadband connectivity to underserved areas.
Quick Deployment
FWA can be deployed relatively quickly compared to laying down cables or fiber-optic lines. This makes it an attractive option for areas that need immediate internet connectivity.
Building a fixed wireless network can be more cost-effective compared to traditional wired infrastructure, especially in areas with challenging terrain or low population density.
Easily expanded by adding additional base stations or improving equipment, allowing for scalability as the demand for internet services grows.
With added layers of management, a private fixed wireless network offers piece of mind and  protection compared to traditional wifi networks

Perfect for hard to reach areas

High speeds for areas traditional network can't reach

High speeds, remotely

Up to 1Gbps delivered over the airways
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Reduced setup costs

No cabling dramatically reduces installation and connection costs

Flexible connections

Multiple connectivity points throughout premises or outdoors

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