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What is wireless?

A wireless connection is, in simplest of terms, a focussed signal that is sent from one device to another in a point to point manor.

The devices must be looking directly at each other and must not be interrupted by any physical objects, such as trees or buildings.

The device sending the signal is usually a wired connection, therefore the wireless signal being sent has the strongest possible connection from the source. The speeds of wireless depend on the strength of the connection at the source but as far as the wireless is concerned only very small drops can be noticed for the end user signal.

Why wireless?

Wireless is used to build an ultrafast internet service, its quicker, more cost effective and provides the same speeds.

Our wireless networks supports Gigabit broadband and 5G services.

Whether you are a rural community or an ambitious smart city ion the making, wireless lays the foundation for better broadband, self driving cars, a greener future, and more!

Perfect for hard to reach areas

High speeds for areas traditional network can't reach

High speeds, remotely

Up to 1Gbps delivered over the airways
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Reduced setup costs

No cabling dramatically reduces installation and connection costs

Flexible connections

Multiple connectivity points throughout premises or outdoors

For home

Suffering from slow speeds and unreliable connections?
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For business

Ultra fast business broadband,
Wi-Fi, telecoms and more.
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"Been with the company for approximately 6 months. Very satisfied with both the service and provider of our broadband. Pricing is very competitive and quality of Internet connection is very good. Would recommend this company to family and friends."
Linda C
"What an amazing and clear cut experience with Cambrian. From the survey to set up without a hitch.
I would truly recommend these guys 100%."
Phil O
"Fantastic service carried out by skilful engineers who were very helpful and professional. Any questions were answered by a very knowledgeable team. Overall couldn’t recommend enough. Thank you."
Lorraine E
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