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Super-fast mobile broadband 4G & 5G connections

What are 4G & 5G?

4G & 5G connections are an alternative to fibre connections, due to lack of demand fibre cannot be installed in some areas (yet), therefore 4G or 5G antennas can be utilised as a great substitute.

4G & 5G uses high-speed upload and download packets, providing access to broadband-style speeds, similar to your mobile, however, when paired with an antenna receiver it can be used as an effective home or business Wi-Fi. 4G/5G can reach speeds up to 100+mbps (varies depending on the distance from the masts and any objects in-between).

Why 4G or 5G?

Unlike our competitors, we offer the option of multiple network providers to use for the 4G or 5G connection, these are EE, 02 and Three. The network chosen depends on the best connectivity in the area.

We offer 4G & 5G connections as both permanent and temporary solutions depending on each client's needs. If fibre is undergoing installation within an area and the clients need a temporary solution, 4G or 5G is a great option.

However, if an area has no plans of installing fibre in the near future, it can be a great semi-permanent option, delivering on average 30mbps+.

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"Been with the company for approximately 6 months. Very satisfied with both the service and provider of our broadband. Pricing is very competitive and quality of Internet connection is very good. Would recommend this company to family and friends."
Linda C
"What an amazing and clear cut experience with Cambrian. From the survey to set up without a hitch.
I would truly recommend these guys 100%."
Phil O
"Fantastic service carried out by skilful engineers who were very helpful and professional. Any questions were answered by a very knowledgeable team. Overall couldn’t recommend enough. Thank you."
Lorraine E
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