How can we help your home or business be better connected?

We've been in the industry for longer than we care to remember, helping homes, businesses and communities across Wales get access to the reliable and fast internet connection they need.


Unlike many fibre broadband technology providers, we specialise in providing a full connectivity service. Our expertise ensures that we not only enhance the connection to your premises but ensure that connection is then utilised in the most effective manner within your home or business network.



Fibre is the heart of our business. Our ultimate goal is to have as many fibre networks across Wales as we possibly can, connecting those who may have been struggling with getting any connection at all previously.

Having good broadband is crucial in today’s world, with many people believe internet access should be a civil or human right, including Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the world wide web, an advocator for the Internet to be a universal right. We believe this too at Cambrian Connect, we know how important it is to so many and that’s why we take pride in bringing ultrafast fibre to the doors of people who have struggled with their broadband in the past.



Wireless connections are currently usually implemented when cables are too difficult to lay, and there is a direct line of sight from one location that already has broadband access. Usually it’s the case of sending a wireless signal from one building to another, however we are looking to build more interesting infrastructure in the future.


We believe wireless networks through streetlights could be a great way of delivering fast speeds to areas without. It’s fairly easy to connect wireless broadband repeaters to street lights as they already are connected to power lines. Not only this but they are also set out in perfect conditions for wireless networks, they stand tall above everything else, they structured in calculated distances from one another and are very rarely damaged or knocked down.


Telecoms is large part of our business, simply because telecoms cover so many different things, from VoIP systems to IT support and maintenance. We have excellent, fully trained and well experienced engineers here at Cambrian who are perfectly capable of providing you with any support you should need regarding your telecoms.


4G & 5G

4G & 5G are great in areas where physical cabling may lack. Sending wireless radio waves to send and receive data overlong distances is possible with these technologies and it makes internet access to areas that are otherwise hard to reach, which is great for rural areas with no fibre infrastructure. 4G & 5G can get those in rural areas with under 5mbps up to and beyond 100mbps, of which we can help with. Our engineers come to your site and conduct a survey, if we can’t improve your speeds then we walkaway, no payments or commitments.



Wi-Fi services and products are one of the most important features in our industry, once a connection is established it’ll almost always need boosting around a property. This can be done fairly easily by residential users themselves, however businesses will often require professional installation.


What makes us different?

  • We have an house customer service and support team, when you ring or email our customer service it will come directly to us, no call centres, no dealing with different people each time you call. Our office is open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.
  • We have our own engineers, therefore communication between us and yourselves is straight forward and solutions can be made a lot easier.
  • Our main focus is you! We are a customer centric business and aim to do our very best when it comes to dealing with our customers.
  • We are not tied exclusively to any of the large providers, meaning we can help find you the best plan, technology setup and telecoms solution.

Contact us to find out how we can help you and your business and to hear more about all of our services. Call us on 01633 357260 or email us at

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