How to make your Wi-Fi network run faster

We’ve all felt the frustrations of your Wi-Fi feeling slow. This is often the result of daily speed fluctuations or number of household users currently online. However, sometimes a simple bit of device management can solve your frustrations. Below are some of our top tips on how to improve the speed and efficiency of your Wi-Fi.


Current device usage

Managing your current device can help your current speeds. Always make sure to check if your device is downloading something in the background or if you have apps open that could be eating into the Wi-Fi.


Unused connected devices

Unplugging other devices can also speed up your current session as they may be downloading something, we recommend you always safely shut down your devices using their user interfaces as simply unplugging may cause issues such as data loss.


Router placement

Moving your router can help increase speeds, if you’re far away from the router then the connection may struggle. Also, the router being in a cupboard for example is never going to help the situation. If you absolutely can’t move it due to cabling, then another option is available, Wi-Fi extenders can be a great way of boosting your broadband throughout your entire property, find more information on our Wi-Fi services here.


Network frequencies

There are two types of Wi-Fi frequencies, 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Depending on what is the most used frequency in your wide area network (WAN), which is basically your local area/neighbourhood, you can switch which to the other frequency in your router settings to increase your speeds. The more people in your area using the same frequency as you the more likely interference and delays are to occur.


Ethernet cabling

Another option that is particularly good for things that require high amounts of data transfer, such as gaming online, is using an Ethernet cable. Wired broadband is still faster and more stable than Wi-Fi, therefore for those applications/programmes with higher requirements it’s often the better option.


If you’ve tried all of these options and your Wi-Fi still isn’t up to the speed you require, we can help!


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